...known by the company we keep
A Fine Romance/A Coffee Table Book - Author
ABC TV Network – Corporation
Alan Ladd Jr. – Academy Award Film Producer
All About The Baby, LLC - E-commerce
American Tours International – Travel Service
Americana Hotels - Corporation
Andy Williams – Grammy Music/Emmy TV Performer
Ann Margret – Actor/ Music Performer
Antenna TV Network/Tribune Broadcasting
Anthony Spinner - TV Producer & Writer
APA – Agency of the Performing Arts - Talent Agency
ASU School of Film, Media and Popular Culture - University
Barbara Eden – Actor & Music Performer
Barney Miller – Network TV Series
Barry Hirsch – Attorney Hirsch , Wallenstein
Benny Carter – Grammy Music Performer
Billy Daniels – Grammy Music Performer
Blake Edwards – Academy Award Filmmaker
Blake Edwards’ Breakfast at Tiffanys
Bloom Films – Documentary/Film Production
Broadway on Ice - Musical Ice Show Spectacle
Brookwell/McNamara – Film/TV Production Company
Carsey-Werner – Emmy/TV Production Company
CBS TV Network – Corporation
Charles Aznavour – International Music Performer
Chico and The Man – ABC Network TV Series
Chip Rosenbloom – Film & TV Producer, Writer, Composer
Chuck Norris – Actor/Producer
Columbia Pictures - Studio
Comcast/NBC - Studio
Concerts on Ice - Musical Ice Show Production
Count Basie Orchestra
Cyd Charisse – Actor & Dancer
Dan Strone/Trident Literary Group - CEO
Dangerous Method – Feature Film
Danny Arnold – Emmy Producer, Writer, Director
Blake Edwards’ Days of Wine and Roses – Feature Film
Dell Furano/Sony Signature - TV Network Licensing
Desert Inn Hotel & Resort Las Vegas
Dick Berg “Stonehenge” – Emmy TV Producer, Writer
Directors Guild of America – Hollywood DGA Headquarters
Dr. Elizabeth Austin – Forensic Meteorologist & CEO of Weather Extreme LTD
Dr. Neal Lester – ASU English Professor/Director of Project Humanities
Dr. Susan Forward – Author & Public Speaker
Dr. Susan Jeffers – Author & Pubic Speaker
Dr. Tasneem Bhatia - Medical Doctor, Author & Owner of Atlanta’s Holistic Medical Center
Dunhill Records – Grammy Award Record Label
Dunhill Records/Lou Adler – Grammy Award Music Producer
Ed Asner – Emmy TV Actor
Elliot Gould – Film/Stage Actor
Elton John/Life Ball – Vienna – AIDS Charity Event
EnterTECH Study Program @ ASU – Professor Peter Lehman
Saul Ilson & Ernest Chambers– Emmy TV Producers
Ertha Kitt – Grammy Music Performer
Finley, Kumble & Wagner Law Firm
Frank Weimann/Folio Literary Agency
Gary Player – Hall of Fame Golf Pro
Gebbia Brothers Entertainment – Stockcross Brokerage
Gene Hackman – Academy Award Actor
George Shearing – Grammy Music Performer
George Sidney - Film Director, Producer & DGA President
Gipson, Hoffman, Pancione Law Firm
Grand Songbook Media - Independent Production Company. Creators of Music, Entertainment and the Fine Arts, specializing in jazz, classic popular music and the Great American Songbook
Greenberg, Traurig Law Firm
Greenbrier Golf Resort & Hotel
Harold Robbins – Author, Producer
Harold Robbins/Carpetbaggers – Novel & Feature Film
Harper Valley PTA – Feature Film & TV Series
Henry Mancini – Grammy Music & Film Composer
Herbie Hancock – Grammy Music Performer
Hillary For America – 2016- Political Campaign Advisor
Hollywood Park Race Track – Corporation
Hollywood Reporter 75th Anniversary – PR Rep
Howard Koch – Producer & President of the Motion Picture Academy
Hugo Friedhofer – Academy Award Film & Music Composer
ASU Humanity 101 Pledge – Gene Schwam Architect
I Dream of Jeannie - Network TV Series Franchise
Ice Capades – Musical Ice Show Production
Interscope Records – Grammy Record Label
Irwin Molasky – Las Vegas Real Estate Developer
Jack Jones – Grammy Music Performer
James Clavell/King Rat/Shogun – Author & Emmy TV Director
James Garner – Emmy & Film Actor
James Hirsch - Film Producer & Writer
James Komack – Emmy TV Producer & Writer
Jan & Dean – Grammy Music Performer
Jay Cooper/Greenberg & Traurig LLP – Founder of GT LA Entertainment Law Practice
Jeannie Out of The Bottle, Barbara Ede’s NYT Best-selling Biography - Author
Jennifer Edwards - Actor & Author of “When Doves Cry”
Jerry Goldsmith – Academy Award Film & Music Composer
Joan Crawford – Academy Award Actor
Joe Williams – Grammy Music Performer
Johnny Carson – Emmy Tonight Show Host, Comedian, Writer, Producer
Johnny Cash – Grammy Music Performer
Johnny Cochran Jr. – OJ Simpson Attorney
Johnny Cochran Law Firm – Entertainment Division
Johnny Mandel – Academy Award Music Composer & Conductor
Johnny Mathis - Grammy Music Performer
Jon Vein – Co-Founder of Market Share – COO of Mike Ouitz AMG/APG
Josephine Beavers – Renowned Jazz Singer/Performer
Julie and Carol at Carnegie Hall – Emmy Musical & Comedy Special
Julie Andrews – Motion Picture Academy (Oscar)/Grammy/Emmy/Tony Musical Performer, Actor & Author
Julie Andrews/Greengage Productions - Production Company
Julie’s Greenroom - Netflix Series/Julie Andrews
Juliet Prowse - Actor & Dancer
Kim Devane - CEO of Divine Imaging
Sandy Koufax and Don Drysdale/LA Dodgers - Contract Negotiations
Kurtz & Friends Award Winning Animation Studio – Bob Kurtz CEO
Kushner-Locke - Production Company
LA Jazz Festival - Hollywood Bowl
LaCosta – Golf Resort & Hotel
Larry Jones – President of TV Land
Las Vegas Country Club
Least Among Saints – GI Film Festival
Lenny Bruce - Comedian
Linda Gray – Emmy nominated Actor
Linda Yellen – Emmy Director, Writer & Producer
Lionel Richie – Grammy Music Performer
Lionsgate Entertainment – Film/TV Production & Distribution Corporation
Lloyd & Sue Ecker - TV Producer & Author
Lorimar – Award winning Film/Television Production Company
Los Angeles Performing Arts Conservatory
Los Angeles Rams – Pro NFL Team
Love is… Barbara Eden – ABC TV Special
Luca Ellis – Music Performer & Actor
Mannix – Network TV Series
Marlon Marshall – Political Consultant
Martin & Lewis – Licensing Agents
Martin Landau – Emmy winning TV/Film Actor – Mission Impossible TV Series
Maya Angelou - American Poet & Grammy Winner
MGM/UA - Film Production & Distribution Company
Mi-Bar Productions - TV Company
Michael Gruskoff - Film Producer
Mike Connors – Actor - Mannix
Mrs. America - Beauty Pageant
Morgan Stanley – Sports & Entertainment
Mort Sahl – Comedian
Motion Picture Academy - AMPAS Guild (Oscars)
Motown Records – Grammy Record Label
Mrs. World - Beauty Pageant
My Love Affair: Thorns & Roses – Award Winning, Autobiographical Love Story
Nancy Wilson – Grammy Music Performer
Natalia Lazarus – Actress, Director, Stage Producer
NBC/Universal - TV Production & Distribution
Netflix - Streaming Network
Nickelodeon - TV Network
On The Magic Carpet with Barbara Eden - One Woman Touring Show
Operation USA - Non-Profit First Responder
Papazian/Hirsch – Film & TV Productions; Studio Owners
Peggy Lee – Grammy Music Performer
Peter Gunn – Feature Film & Emmy TV Series
Peter Lehman – ASU Professor /Film, TV & Popular Culture
Peter Marshall - Film & TV Actor, Radio Personality, Singer
Phil Davis/ Mitchell, Silberberg + Knupp LLP Law Firm
Phil Ramone – Grammy Music Producer
Pinnacle Real Estate/Homes for Vets – Charity
Producers Guild of America – Hollywood Headquarters
Promenade Playhouse
Quincy Jones – Grammy Music Producer
Ray Art Studios – Papazian & Hirsch/Owners
Ray Charles – Grammy Music Performer
Richard Chamberlain – Emmy Actor/Dr. Killbear
Richard Mulligan - Actor
Richard Walden – CEO Operation USA/Charity
Robert Dowling - Former Hollywood Reporter CEO & Chief Editor
Robert Papazian – Emmy TV Producer & Caucus Co-Chair
Rusty Shield Foundation – Non- Profit Charity
Blake Edwards S.O.B – Feature Film
Saban-Scherick T V Productions
Sid Ganis – Former President of AMPAS- President Out of The Blue Entertainment
Sean McNamara – Film & TV Director & Producer
Shiloh – Film/TV Series
Sidney Sheldon – Emmy TV Producer, Writer & Author
Blake Edwards’ Skin Deep – Feature Film
Sony Home Entertainment - Video Distribution
Sony Licensing & Merchandise – “I Dream of Jeannie”
Stan Kenton Orchestra
Stephanie Schwam - Network TV Producer
Stephanie Schwam/Warner Brothers - Executive Producer “Who Do You Think You Are?”
Steve Sauer/Media 4 Management
Sunset – Feature Film
Sunset Gower Studios – Corp
Switch – Feature Film
Ted Smith/MGM - VP Development; Branded & Digital Content
Telly Savalas – Actor/Kojak – TV Series
Blake Edwards’ The Party – Feature Film
The Caucus - Producers, Writer, Directors
The Original Cosby Show – Emmy TV Series
The Lying King LLC - Animation Series
The Mamas & The Papas – Grammy Music Performer
The Man Who Loved Women – Feature Film
The Mount Clare Group; Morgan Stanley
The Outrageous Sophie Tucker – Documentary
Blake Edwards’ The Pink Panther Franchise – Film & Animated Series
The Victor’s Sport Award TV Special
Theodore Bikel – Academy Award Actor & Musical Performer
Tony Martin – Musical Performer/Actor
Tony Robbins- Author & Self Help Guru
Triad Literary Talent Agency
Universal Television - Production Distribution
Vaughn Meader – Comedian & JFK Impressionist
Victor Victoria - Broadway Musical & Film; Julie Andrews
Vince Edwards – Actor “Ben Casey”
Visions of Murder – Barbara Eden/NBC Series
Viva Las Vegas - MGM – Film/George Sidney
Walker Texas Ranger – TV Series
Walt Disney Studios – “Princess Diaries” Films
Warrior Records - Record Label
Welcome Back Kotter – Emmy TV Series
William Gazecki – Emmy Documentary Director
William Morris Talent Agency
Willy Bietak Productions - Ice Skating Spectacles